Would you like to do a gig at one of the biggest Live Music Venue in Akihabara? Would you like to host a party?

Then Zest is for you.
Zest is one of the best places to hold live events in Tokyo for the following reasons:

・ Our venue has the newest mixers, light systems, amps and the best technical equipment available.
・ It’s the biggest live music bar in Zest and the best value for its size.
・ We don't charge an equipment fee like most places do.

・ Our bar is separate from the music hall so you can relax and chill out when you need a break.
・ We have flat screen TV’s and couches to enjoy the music all night long.
・ The location is very convenient just a minute walk from Akiharaba Station on the Ymanotesen Line.

Zest is available for: dance parties, club events, comedy nights, after parties, wedding receptions and any other events that you can think of!

Our live hall has over a 200-person capacity, with a modern sound system, beamer & light system. We also have a full professional backline for live-bands: drums, amps, monitors and a keyboard. You can use everything for free.

If you would like to have your live performance broadcasted on the Internet, we can provide a free web cast service for you via You Tube, USTREAM.

If you want a break from the loud music and dancing you can head to the bar which is located outside the Live Music Hall to chill out for a while on our comfortable sofas.

For performers, we provide a dressing room with a comfortable bathroom inside and a spacious stage.